General Lighting

Throughout human history, developments in lighting technologies have brought about profound pragmatic shifts in human behavior. From the oil lamps of ancient Egypt, to the candles of the Bronze Age, to Edison’s light-bulb and its ensuing technologies such as the fluorescent tube; new lighting technologies have enabled new human capabilities and changed the way we live.

We stand once again at the dawn of a new era in lighting technology that is sure to change our expectations and capabilities in more dramatic ways than ever before.  

The Light Emitting Diode (LED) reduces our energy consumption by up to 90%, is cold to the touch, has no glass or harmful chemicals, and practically lasts forever. The era of changing light bulbs is over.

SemiLEDs manufactures some of the most efficient and reliable LEDs in the world. Our award winning patented technology features the most efficient LED chip design. Having SemiLEDs LEDs in your LED lighting system is your best guarantee for maximizing the advantages of your LED system.

The innate advantages of SemiLEDs' unique technology provide the ideal building blocks for lighting manufacturers looking to meet new energy and environmental criteria. 

Highlights of LED advantages:

·             Efficiency – presently over 120 Lumens/Watt and on their way to 250 Lumens/Watt

·             Visual appeal – Saturated vivid colors without the use of filters

·             Install and Forget – Up to 100,000 hours with virtually no maintenance

·             Compact form factor – Design flexibility and enabling new applications and designs

·             Cool to the touch – for Heat-Sensitive Environments

·             Safety - Low-voltage operation enables Off Grid Lighting /Solar/Battery-Powered Applications

·             Robustness – Perfect for harsh environments and Outdoor Applications

·             Vibration Resistance – Ideal for Automotive, Transportation and Aircraft Lighting as well as Task lights

·             UV and IR free – LED white lights have no Infrared and Ultraviolet radiation

·             Cold-Temperature Operation – Replacing CFL, Fluorescent, Metal Halide / HPS apps in cold countries or environments

SemiLEDs LEDs are used successfully in various lighting applications including:

·             Outdoor lighting

-          Street Lighting

-          Landscape Lighting

-          Spot Lighting

-          Safety / path

-          Signage

-          Signaling and Automotive

-          Portable lighting 

·             Indoor lighting

-          Down-lighting

-          Sconce

-          Office Lighting (Fluorescent box replacements)

-          Accent lighting

-          Task lighting

-          Under cabinet

In addition to the above mentioned applications, SemiLEDs products are used in retrofit applications for various traditional bulb types.

Ask your lighting supplier about SemiLEDs LEDs