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SemiLEDs MvpLED chips are metal alloy devices which are made using a patented process entailing a vertical structure. This unique approach provides superior performance at various levels.

  • Thermal benefits: The thermal benefits enable better thermal designs, light color consistency, better lifetime and reliability
  • Efficiency benefits: The vertical structure and copper alloy p-pad, enable lower forward voltages, and better current spreading that make for better overall efficiency
  • Optical benefits: The light extraction layer and the thin structure provide a directional light output with a Lambertian pattern enabling better optical coupling and maximizing usable light

SemiLEDs chips also feature:

  • Best of breed Brightness and Reliability
  • Patented structure
  • Silver epoxy die attach compatibility (140µm high p-n junction)
  • Thin chip - 145µm
  • Available with SnCu eutectic solder
  • RoHS compliant


Part Number Type Size Min Power Output Max Power Output Input Current Typ. Vf Wavelength
EV-B32A Chip 780μm x 780μm 320mW 440mW 350mA 3.2V 445.5nm-460nm
EV-B35A Chip 860μm x 860μm 340mW 480mW 350mA 3.2V 445nm-460nm
EV-B40A Chip 1070μm x 1070μm 360mW 500mW 350mA 3.1V 445nm-460nm
EV-B45A Chip 1200μm x 1200μm 380mW 550mW 350mA 3.1V 445nm-460nm
EV-B53T Chip 1330μm x 1330μm 700mA 3.25V 445nm-460nm
EV-B80T Chip 2090μm x 2090μm 900mW 1600mW 1000mA 3.0V 445nm-460nm
EF-B40A* Chip 1090μm x 1090μm 300mW 440mW 350mA 3.1V 445nm-460nm
Part Number Type Size Min Power Output Max Power Output Input Current Typ. Vf Wavelength
EV-U15A Chip 400μm x 400μm 11mW 30mW 20mA 3.2V 375nm-425nm
EV-D15A Chip 400μm x 400μm 5mW 25mW 20mA 3.8V 360nm-375nm
EV-U40A Chip 1070μm x 1070μm 140mW 500mW 350mA 3.3V 375nm-425nm
EV-D45A Chip 1200μm x 1200μm 120mW 360mW 350mA 3.7V 360nm-375nm
EV-U80T-U Chip 2090μm x 2090μm 340mW 1400mW 1000mA 3.3V 375nm-425nm
EV-D80T-U* Chip 2090μm x 2090μm 280mW 900mW 1000mA 3.8V 360nm-375nm
Part Number Type Size Min Power Output Max Power Output Input Current Typ. Vf Wavelength
EV-G40A Chip 1090μm x 1090μm 16cd 28cd 350mA 3.2V 515nm-535nm
EV-G45A Chip 1200μm x 1200μm 26cd 32cd 350mA 3.2V 515nm-535nm
White LEDs
Part Number Type Size Nominal Current Typ. Vf CCT
EV-W40V* Chip 1090μm x 1090μm 350mA 3.2V 2200-8300K
EV-W80T* Chip 2090μm x 2090μm 1000mA 3.0V 2200-8300K
EC-W1414* CSP 1400μm x 1400μm 350mA 3.1V 2600-10000K
Product Catalogue
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