SemiLEDs Product Portfolio

SemiLEDs portfolio of products along with partner enabled packages based on SemiLEDs chips, offer a strong value proposition to LED users in various industry segments. SemiLEDs patented and unique vertical LEDs are metal alloy devices which provide advantages in design and value that are unparalleled in the industry.

SemiLEDs’ Metal Vertical Photon Light Emitting Diode (MvpLED™) devices fabricated using SemiLEDs’ proprietary and patented process technologies, are the next generation High Power LEDs for advanced applications, including solid state lighting. MvpLED™ chips use an advanced metal alloy process, thus have excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, allowing the MvpLED chips to operate under extreme conditions that are not suitable for conventional InGaN LEDs on sapphire or SiC. SemiLEDs’ MvpLED™ devices are fabricated with thinned n-GaN up structure (patented) to enhance light output efficiency and maximize the vertical injection of current into the device active layers. With the vertical structure and ultra-thin GaN, MvpLED™ devices exhibit a nearly perfect Lambertian light emission pattern. MvpLED’s™ patented metal alloy processes are also the best solutions for both high performance and excellent reliability. The MvpLED™ chip is designed to maximize the effective emitting area to meet the light pattern requirements of high power chips.