SemiLEDs Corporation incorporated in Delaware in January 2005.

SemiLEDs is a manufacturer of ultra-high brightness LED chips with state of the art fabrication facilities in Hsinchu Science Park, Taiwan.


SemiLEDs specializes in the development and manufacturing of metal alloy vertical LED chips in blue (white), green and UV using our patented and proprietary MvpLED™ technology. This unique design allows for higher performance and longer lumen maintenance.

SemiLEDs is fully ISO9001 Certified.



Patented and unique technology  which provides advantages in design and value that are unparalleled in the industry


SemiLEDs portfolio of products along with partner enabled packages based on SemiLEDs chips.


SemiLEDs products offer a strong value proposition to LED users in various industry segments.


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3F, No.11 Ke Jung Rd., Chu-Nan Site,
Hsinchu Science Park, Chu-Nan 350,
Miao-Li County, Taiwan, R. O. C

Tel: +886-37-586788
Fax: +886-37-582688

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