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Scott R. Simplot 

Scott R. Simplot has served as our director since March 2005. Mr. Simplot has been Chairman of the board of directors and a director of J.R. Simplot Company since May 2001 and August 1970, respectively. Mr. Simplot has served as Manager of JRS Management, LLC, since September 2004, and General Partner to SRS Family Limited Partnership since January 1997. Mr. Simplot also serves as a director to various companies such as Bar-U-, Inc., Block 65 and 66 Master Association, Inc., Cal Ida Chemical Company, Censa of California, Inc., Claremont Realty Co., Glen Dale Farms, Inc., Potato Storage, Inc., Storage Partners I, Ltd., SMP, Inc., Three Creek Ranch Co., Camas, Inc., and Lattice Energy, LLC. Mr. Simplot holds a bachelor of science degree in business from the University of Idaho and a masters in business administration from the University of Pennsylvania.

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